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Season 1: The Open Call Podcast

Born out of shared isolation due to the pandemic, Laura Tanner and Anne Stagg started The Open Call podcast in fall of 2020 as a way to connect with artists from across the country when traditional venues were closing their doors and art audiences were disappearing. The podcast began as an effort to offer an alternative platform for artists and arts organizations to share their work and give listeners a glimpse inside the creative practice of visual artists as well as some of the organizations whose mission is to support the creative arts. Season 1 guests: Chalet Comellas Baker [TN], Cristina Molina [LA], Secret Identity Projects [TX & CA], Virginia Center for the Creative Arts - VCCA [VA], Kerianne Quick [CA], Jess Tolbert [TX], The Ucross Foundations [WY], Stove Works Gallery & Artist Residency/Mike Calway-Fagan, Curator [TN].


Season 2: The Open Call Podcast 

In Season 2, we featured conversations with visual artists, shortened our episodes to around 15 minutes, and shifted our format from interview to conversation. Each episode highlights the artist's voice and provides a deep dive into a few of their studio projects. We often talk about studio rituals, inspirations, research, and methodological approaches with our guests. Many of our conversations mark this pivotal socio-political moment and we have been amazed by the generosity of each of our podcast guests.  Season 2 guests: Veronica Jackson [VA], Io Palmer [WA], Ethan Murrow [MA], Lauren Frances Adams [MD], Elizabeth Alexander [NC], Michelle Forsyth [Canada], Joelle Dietrick [NC], Barbara Schreiber [NC].

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